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Okay, so tomorrow is my 2nd Evanescence concert, here in orlando...and im ecstatic!!

I bought 4 floor tickets the day they went on sale at ticketmaster...but today, i heard on the radio that they were gonna give out VIP tickets and u get to go backstage and meet the band, and also get to go to their soundcheck before the concert start...i was like OMG i couldnt even imagine meeting her, cuz she is my one and only idol..and its funny cuz i had a dream about 3 days ago that i met them while they were practicing before a concert in this big hall...weird..i thought maybe i dreamt it cuz im antsy about the concert n all...

guess who won the VIP tickets, backstage passes to meet evanescence, and go to their soundcheck?!!!


i cant even think straight!!!! i dont know what to wear, or what to say, how to act..i kno i have to act cool tho, and not like a freak lol...but ya omg...i cant believe im getting this opportunity!! i am very very lucky and grateful and am still awestruck about the fact that i won these tickets...

and dont u worry, i will be posting pictures from who knows how many rolls of film that i use LOL!!!

ok im done...just had to let that out...=O!!!

sorry for x-posting like a drunk chick in New Orleans during Mardi Gras flashing for beads...er...did that even make any sense??? lolol...hmph...i tried...

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