Raiyne (raiyne) wrote in effervescenced,

Ottawa Corel July 19th

What a fucking amazing concert. Out of the four it's the best I've seen.

We got there around 11.. at about 1 I went back to the busses to see if anyoen was there. Shaun waved at us, and Terry waved at us too, and so did Will and Rocky. I didn't see Amy at all but we were waiting near the gate and John drove through. A couple minutes later JOHN CAME OUT TO THE GATE AND SIGNED FOR THE FIVE OF US!!! Everyone was like "OMG ITS JOHN" and I was so calm ;) I just walked right up and was like, "Hey guy." So I got a picture with him which was super.. and I gave him the present I made the band and he took it back with him.. that was cool. We talked a little about what it was like touring Europe and Finger Eleven..

And then he had to go, but he was so nice..

The concert was fucking amazing... there are no other words to describe it. I was rightin the front row and it was just... phenominal. The energy and clarity of it was just super - a little loud (ie, hard to hear Amy even in the front bvecause everyone sang) but super good... I was so happy to be the only one in the front who seemed to know BReath No More

Security was really pissy about pictures, so I only snapped a few because they threatened to take away my camera..

After the show I ran back to the busses with hope of meeting.. it wasn't until about 12:45 that Amy walked from the stage door to the bus. She didn't come over (there were like 50 people there, I wouldn't have come over either).. people started to leave and when there was a crowd of about 15 left (by this time it was almots 1:30) John came back out. He signed more stuff and took more pictures and this guy walking by earlier (crew) had handed me a drumstick.. John told me it wasn't rocky's but he signed it anyways, and we complimented him on the show. He took a huge banner someone had hand-drawn on banner material back to the bus and got everyone to sign it for this guy. When he came back he had guitar picks - autographed - and as he gave them out he said, "Please let me have enough, oh, please let me have enough.." Hee. He mentioned his wife was going to kill him for hanging out so long and then she actually came out and stood with us, it was pretty funny..

Then he took the letter I'd written to Amy, and said she wasn't going to come out because she was a little tipsy and didn't want her fans to see her like that. We laughed and waited around another 10 minutes or so and hten left.

It was so super!!

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