Sheep (sheepateyomama) wrote in effervescenced,

Um, hello...

As the administrator of the Effervescenced! community, I thought I should make one thing perfectly clear, since the vast majority of you have apparently not yet attained that coveted fifth-grade reading level required to peruse the userinfo of this community.

This is not an Evanescence community.

That band sucks balls.

This is an Effervescence community. Effervescence rules in its ability to rip off two completely different mediocre bands in two totally unrelated rock genres. Effervescence rules because of its amazing song "Wake Me Up Inside" AS WELL as its hardcore Christianitude.

But then, I wouldn't expect you to have known that since you most of you still consider Hank the Cowdog to be high literature.

Other permissible bands for discussion include: Herbalescence, Evan's Essence.

And for the record, vampy... ew?
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